Dismantling - 1st Cut Tree and Forestry Services1st Cut Tree Services specialise in work on, or removal of trees in awkward, confined, urban and dangerous positions. Safety of workers, public and property is of the utmost importance. Dismantling gives greater control which is essential when working above buildings, conservatories, green houses, roads and waterways. Limbs can be lowered to the ground ensuring the safety of our employees and the client's property. Wherever possible we will use mobile elevated work platforms (cherry pickers) to give greater control, safety and reduce fatigue of our employees. 1st Cut Tree Services specialise in the use of cranes for dismantling. Our team consists of highly experienced riggers, banksmen and mobile elevated work platform operators all using radio communications. The use of a crane gives greater control when dismantling and can reduce the time taken to complete a job which is essential, for example, when working next to roads to minimise disruption. The use of a crane can also be an option if access to a site is limited, for example, removing a large tree from a back garden with no access.