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Tree Services

1st Cut Tree Services offer a comprehensive list of tree surgery services throughout Suffolk, Norfolk and the surrounding areas.

Use the Services menu on the right-hand side to find out more about our services which include: Crown LiftingCrown ReductionCrown Thinning, Dead Wooding, DismantlingPollardingStump GrindingTree Inspections & Surveys, Cleaning & Clearing, Traffic Management and Other Tree Surgery Services.


Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is used to raise the canopy of the tree to give more light or to give access to buildings or highways. This is done by removing the lower limbs of the crown to an agreed height.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is used to reduce the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree by removing ends of branches. The natural shape and curve of the tree is maintained.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is often used to improve the form of a tree, to allow more light to pass through, reduce wind resistance or to lessen the weight of heavy branches. Crown thinning is the removal of secondary and small live branches to give an evenly spaced structure with a uniform spread of foliage. The technique is usually confined to broad-leaved species. Crown thinning does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree.


1st Cut Tree Services specialise in work on, or removal of trees in awkward, confined, urban and dangerous positions. Safety of workers, public and property is of the utmost importance. Dismantling gives greater control which is essential when working above buildings, conservatories, green houses, roads and waterways. Limbs can be lowered to the ground ensuring the safety of our employees and the client's property.

Wherever possible we will use mobile elevated work platforms (cherry pickers) to give greater control, safety and reduce fatigue of our employees. 1st Cut Tree Services specialise in the use of cranes for dismantling.

Our team consists of highly experienced riggers, banksmen and mobile elevated work platform operators all using radio communications. The use of a crane gives greater control when dismantling and can reduce the time taken to complete a job which is essential, for example, when working next to roads to minimise disruption. The use of a crane can also be an option if access to a site is limited, for example, removing a large tree from a back garden with no access.


Traditionally pollarding involves the removal of all branches from the trunk. It is not advisable to pollard mature trees that have not been pollarded before because the large wounds that such treatment produces may jeopardise the long term future of the tree. Pollarding can also refer to the regular (annual or biannual) pruning back of small branches to the same point which results in the formation of a 'pollard head'. Pollarded trees usually require regular cut back of re-growth.

Stump Grinding

1st Cut Tree Services offers a stump grinding or stump removal service and can remove the smallest, to the largest, of tree stumps even in the most difficult of locations. Stump grinding can be carried out to a depth of 300mm allowing for back filling and replacement of turf. Whether you have one small tree or a number of large trees, 1st Cut Tree Services has the capability to deal with them. We can also remove stumps and root balls completely, this may be more appropriate when building work is going to be carried out on the site.

Tree Inspections & Surveys

Inspections are normally carried out for health and safety reasons to make sure trees are not endangering people and property. More detailed surveys can be carried out for building and woodland management projects. We also offer ecological reports and surveys.


1st Cut Tree Services are experienced in a wide range of forestry and woodland management.

With good knowledge of conservation, timber production and landscaping, 1st Cut Tree Services are well placed to offer country property and woodland owners help with both small- and large-scale woodland and forestry interests.

  • Design and planting of new and regenerated woodland.
  • Maintenance and management of woodland infrastructure such as fences, paths, and ditches
  • The felling and marketing of timber
  • Site clearances for land change of use

Traffic Management

1st Cut Tree Services are committed to providing a safe working environment for both the travelling public, and workers, when highway works are being undertaken, whilst at the same time maintaining the efficient use of the carriageway for road users. We have in-house signing and signaling trained employees, along with all relevant equipment for lane closers.

There is a misconception that putting a few signs out in the road is acceptable. Not only is it illegal to have incorrect traffic controls set up by unqualified persons, it could also lead to a serious accident.

Clearing Out

This includes the removal of weak, diseased, damaged, crossing or dead branches. Epicormic growth, climbing plants and foreign objects can also be removed. An example of unwanted vegetation is Ivy which can be extremely difficult to remove safely.

Dead Wooding

This is one of the most common forms of tree pruning involving the removal of dead wood from the tree and is usually carried out for safety reasons. This reduces the risk of injury from falling branches and reduces the spread of diseases from dying wood.

Other Tree Work

1st Cut Tree Service offer many other services not listed here. If you require any other work to be undertaken please get in touch.


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