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Case Studies and Testimonials

Peasenhall Village

Felling four large Poplar trees

1st Cut Tree Services undertook a contract to fell four very large, unsafe Poplar trees in Peasenhall for the Parish Council. This job had various obstacles to work around. We not only had to consider the considerable size of the trees, but also the surrounding houses, roads, public pathways, telephone cables, and the general public. The 1st Cut Tree Services team is highly experienced in such complicated and precise works. Our team consists of very experienced elevated work platform operators, banksman, riggers and general ground crew, all working together to safely undertake any job.

The trees were in the center of the village next to, and overhanging, the main road. We introduced a lane closure system so that we could control the traffic and have a safe working area under the trees. The work site was cordoned off to prevent the general public walking into our work area. The trees were in close proximity to houses, as well as the road, so controlled dismantling was of the utmost importance. To achieve this a 55 ton crane and a 30 meter elevated work platform were used. Radio communications with ear pieces are used on such large jobs, so that all members of the team are aware of what is going on and can talk to each other over long distances, even with the noise created by the equipment and plant.


Tree Inspection, Survey and Dismantling

Before the construction of a new property the 'Balancing Barn', for developers Living Architecture, 1st Cut Tree Services were contracted to clear a large site in Thorington near Wenhaston.

After a detailed survey had been carried out our team removed around sixty conifer trees, including stumps and root balls, leaving native trees such as Oak and Ash around the development site. As the site was in the middle of a Suffolk Wildlife Reserve a reptile fence had to be erected and reptiles were trapped and relocated from the area prior to work commencing.

Henham Estate

Tree survey work for Henham Estate to support Latitude Festival

Since 2007 1st Cut Tree Services has been contracted by Festival Republic, in preparation for the Latitude Festival. Working closely with the staff at Henham Park near Southwold, we have carried out an extensive survey of areas used by the public during the festival and established an ongoing maintenance program to minimise risk from trees to the public. Large dead wood, weak and damaged branches have been removed from trees that the public can be under. Reductions have be carried out on trees to reduce the risk of large limbs becoming too heavy when in leaf and breaking. This has helped to preserve many of the beautiful trees at Henham and increase safety.


Tree Felling

1st Cut Tree Services section felling a large Ash tree next to the road in Walpole, between Halesworth and Framlingham.

The Ash was showing signs of decay at the base of the trunk and the client was concerned it may fall onto the road in strong winds.

Several Alders were also felled as they were leaning across the road and one had previously snapped in strong winds. Although it is always sad to lose a tree, sometimes for safety reasons it can not be avoided.


Crown Reduction

1st Cut Tree Services was asked to undertake a series of work in Bramfeild near Halesworth. The client had found that over the years some of the trees had become very large and were starting to block out a lot of light from parts of the garden and also from inside the house. Our team carried out crown reductions to three Acers in the front garden, making the canopies much smaller and allowing more light to get to the house. At the rear of the property we lifted the crowns of the trees along the boundary by removing the lower branches . This has allowed in a great deal more light and has also opened up the view.


Crown Reduction

1st Cut Tree Services were contacted by a client with a wind turbine at the Sliding Barn, Huntingfeild between Halesworth and Framlingham. His trees had grown too high and had started to reduce the amount of wind that was getting to the turbine, so our team carried out several crown reductions to bring the hight of the trees down and allow more wind to the turbine.

All Saints South Elmham

"We employed 1st Cut to fell some large, leaning willows that were growing precariously close to our listed barn and pond. This was clearly a job for the specialists. We were most impressed with the punctuality, care, skill and efficiency of the 1st Cut team. They caused minimum disruption and the wood was stacked neatly, ready for us to split. A job well done: we would have no hesitation in recommending 1st Cut."

1st Cut Tree and Forestry Services

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Archie Poulter - Peasenhall Parish Council

"1st Cut Tree Services recently undertook some extensive tree felling work in the centre of the Village on behalf of the Peasenhall Parish Counil. In addition the work included conducting a survey and obtaining special permits from the Ministry. The work was completed in a most satisfactory manner, on time, and with the absolute minimum of inconvenience to the residents and those passing through the village. I would have no hesitation in recommending 1st Cut Tree Services to any prospective customers and would be happy to be approached."

Anna Colman Wilson - Wrentham

"The service provided by 1st Cut Tree Services was excellent. They were highly proficient in removing a tree from an awkward place in a small garden without any damage to neighbouring shrubs and fencing. 1st Cut Tree Services are a courteous and efficient team and we highly recommend them."

Penny Walker - Kessingland

"1st Cut Tree Services were good value, prompt and efficient and pleasant to work with. The whole exercise was finished in the course of a few days, from the initial quote to clearing up the site. We were very pleased with the job and wouldn't hesitate to recommend 1st Cut Tree Services."

Rosemary Moffatt - Gisleham

"We used the services for the first time in January '08, having some sycamores and a fir tree taken down. The work was expertly handled, all wood logged and branches chipped and taken away. Everything was left clean and tidy. We would have no hesitation in recommending 1st Cut and would use them again."

Andrew Eastaugh - Wrentham

"I have used 1st Cut Tree Services on one occasion for the felling of seven large trees. I found the company to be very efficient, prompt, clean and tidy and they carried out their work without any complications. They did exactly what was required of them and I cannot fault their service or workmanship in any way. They are a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate in using their services again."

William Buncombe - Walberswick

"I requested that 1st Cut Tree Services reduce 4 of my 75ft. Poplars to approx. 35ft. Although I have been in the forestry business and have seen tree surgeons working before, I found it very exciting to eatch such a skillful operation. They were in and out in four days with a gale one day inbetween and they worked with dilgence, speed and efficency. They cleared the site and apart from the tree tops missing you would not know they had been."

David Elliott - Wissett

"1st Cut were excellent. They came and clearly outlined their recommendations and options available for the job, quoted promptly and then carried out a thoroughly professional and excellent two days of work, removing the waste and leaving our garden in a tidy and much improved condition. My wife and I were impressed with the attention to details, focus on health and safety, care for maintaining our garden and a very positive and friendly attitude. We would unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone seeking an excellent service and high standard of work at reasonable cost."

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