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FAQs and Useful Information

Below you'll find answers to some common questions we are asked. If you have a question that is not specifically answered within this FAQs page, please do contact us and ask us your question. You may then find that we share your question and answer on our website.

We have also included below some links to other local businesses and organisations which offer complementary services, help and advice.

Whilst it is true to say that most trees grow in similar ways, very few trees live in the same environment. It is practically impossible to cost a tree work job over the phone. For us to accurately advise you of the cost and extent of any required work, it is important that one of our qualified surveyors carries out a site inspection. This is a free no obligation exercise. We have many things to take into consideration such as access for machinery and equipment required to do the work, assessment of the trees in question and ease of disposal of wood and arising.

Mulching is a type of a material that is placed onto the surface soil. By doing this the soil retains the moisture, minimises the amount of weeds and generally improves the quality of the soil structure and trees find it very beneficial. Mulch that is applied correctly gives landscapes a complete dose of health that your trees can benefit from.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) cover individual trees and require an application to be approved by the local authority before work can commence. We can provide a TPO checking service on your behalf and will not proceed with any tree works until the checks are complete. If your trees are in a Conservation Area (CON) a six week notice of intent must be completed before any work can proceed.

We are fully insured to 5 million public liability and up to £10 million Employer Liability for all the works carried out. We adhere to strict health and safety measures throughout the process. We risk assess all jobs before commencing. Please view full detail of our Health and Safety policy

1st Cut Tree and Forestry Service prides itself on its sensitivity to the environment and does everything possible to minimise the impact it has on the working area.

All waste will be removed and the utmost care will be taken over plants, obstacles and your neighbours.

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